Hi Today i will discuses 10 important topic for JavaScript conditionally result how to show and how many time you used condition so lets Start now

we some time use true or false i think ur mind thin this is Boolean No its wrong because we now deferent way true or false example:

condition false

why result false because we show conditionally any value then 0 always false and other all true i will show some example

Hi Dude How are you Today i will discuses React.js Fundamental important 10 topic i hope you will enjoy All this Topic and understand i write this article my style or language try to understand and i hope u easily understanding all subject so lattes start to discuses our topic

*react-introduction: react is a library not a Framework but working prosses same framework , react make a Facebook and now very popular library

What is Component?

Component simple about component is a Room you basically your mind think what Room ? ok think deeply Room one interface but you…

ES6 provides two new way of declaration let and const mostly replace es5 way of declaration var so Now lets Start our Discuses


var is A Declaration way in java Script or others language and we call var is functional scope or some body call var is a global variable but Finally i flow scope and now it is function scope because if u want to change var value its possible Look at the down screen short and try to understand

i declared var in use to function but i will use to block scope than result show error if…

1. String.prototype.charAt()

This Prototype Working to Character length show , i say we are any arry or object length know to use indexOf() but we don’t Know This Index Position character but we use chartAt() Than we know This position character Who,

example: read mark index or yellow mark character position

please see out-put


Many Time we try to added 2 string and output show string than we use basically use ( string1+ string2) but we want to try best way .beacouse JavaScript give us the best way this way name String.prototype.concat …

Beginning JavaScript =====>

*I said why water?

The role of water in our lives is immense,Just like in a programming language like water,The above three things

1.”var” Variable declared “var” in java script are function scoped

For example

Because we declare var block scoped and result show function scope and result 100% show

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