JavaScript 10 String. Prototype

1. String.prototype.charAt()

This Prototype Working to Character length show , i say we are any arry or object length know to use indexOf() but we don’t Know This Index Position character but we use chartAt() Than we know This position character Who,

3. String.prototype.includes()

Hi Now i Discuses Awesome Prototype Say Your Family Member 10 Karim salim solim molin nalim yalim kulima sulima fulima nanima etc now if u know howmany people ur family member and unknow person dont know ur family member how many or name so u can give him your family list and other person give him ur family list but curently name chnaged ur family member so finding error example: is ur family member name : Karim salim solim molin nalim yalim kulima sulima fulima nanima ; find jamil is not found because jamil not ur family member

4. String.prototype.endsWith()

this Property use to Boolean system we know JavaScript have a object name Boolean his result or writing system true or false ,than we discuses same type subject his name endsWith his work u have write a string and ending character or index declarer to output show true or not declarer out put false exam:


now I Discuses indexOf its a good and important prototype because if u want to length ur object u can use it than u show ur property length and many time we use it and see result good if u don't now or understand please type example code ur vs code


replace prototype we basically now replace mean exchange or modifying riper many meninges sow replace if u want to change any word ur property or sentence so you can use replace exam: karim is a good man ; if u want to change name karim use replace(‘karim’, ’sahed’)


slice() prototype is very very use full and some time we used this prototype frontend developer JavaScript Front End Developer use This arry slicing example u have 40 item in ur jukebox and if u want to see first 10 ur item than u used slice or if u want to 20 than u used slice(20) and may time u used this length slice example


The split() method use to decides a string into ordered list of substring, put these substrings into a array if want to split ur property than use this method the deviation search the pattern parameter first split

9. String.prototype.startsWith()

if U want to use It That's Work Boolean now u can try it because this result only two yes or no true or false exam: ur mom said u can go Collage ans: true or false or you sister asked you u get many his bag yes or no so you can not tell him his length or u don’t know how many length this money u or note position exam:

10. String.prototype.substr()

The substr() method returns a portion of the string, starting at the specified index and extending for a given number of characters afterwards. u can thing Slice Slice Work index length depending and slicing or substr work index extending number and he show characters that's simple



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